Research Areas

Communications, Networks, Embedded and Distributed Systems

The COMRED team (COMmunications, netwoRks, Embedded and Distributed systems) gathers the three research projects: AOSTE, COATI and SCALE. COMRED studies the advanced conception of systems based on formal models in the fields of embedded systems, distributed systems, and telecommunication networks. In particular we work on the entire conception process: graph-based modelling, specification and programmatic formalisms, implementationtechniques, optimisation, analysis simulation, and verification. These activities involve the development of numerous software tools and algorithms. Several research topics are carried out in the context of several industrial collaborations and benefit from the interaction between formal results and practical developments in collaboration with industry. COATI and KAIROS are joint teams with Inria.

The scientific activities of the COMRED team are focused around 3 thematic axes which correspond to the 3 teams:

  1. EPC COATI: Graph theory, networks, algorithms, simulation, combinatorics and optimisation for the telecommunications.
  2. EPC Kairos: models and methods for the analysis and optimisation of embedded systems, under realtime constraints.
  3. Scale team: Safe Composition of Autonomous applications with Large-SCALE Execution environment.

The pole's activities are mainly part of Academy 1 "Networks, Information, Digital Society" (RISE) of the Initiative d'Excellence d'Université Côte d'Azur (IDEX), but they also contribute to the other academies: Academy 2 "Complex systems",Academy 3 “Space, environment, risks and resilience”, Academy 4 “Complexity and diversity of life” and Academy 5 “People, ideas and environments”.

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